STC New Southgate Timeline
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Date Description Comments
May 1922 John Tylor site acquired by Standard Telephones and Cables
1920s - 1930s Site developed

Photos of the site being redeveloped

Photo of state of the art factory

The War Years Site suffered some bomb damage. Camouflage painted on buildings. Tunnels under the North Field used as shelters V1 bomb hits Building 8
Bomb Disposal Home Guard
1950s A time when whole families were involved in The Standard

Children's Parties
Sports Days

STC News - The History of New Southgate

The Railway Magazine - The History of Cemetery Station

1960s Relatively affluent, a swinging time! Flights to the Company Villa in Spain
1970s   A bit of a blank so far...
1980s - 1990s STC celebrated its centenary in 1983 Centenary Open Day brochure
Building 3 was demolished early summer 86 (well, it nearly fell down, actually!) One story was that much of the building rubble was used as hard core on the section of M25 being built west of South Mimms.
Nortel Networks bought STC in 1991  
Building 4 was refurbished - Ian Vance and Sir Sidney Chapman officiated at reopening as Fiberworld House Photo of Building 4 furnishing
Buildings 6 and 8 demolished. Photos of Building 8 demolition
North Field Car Park Landscaped Photos of North Field Landscaping

Boom time - loadsa money

Photos of Summer Carnivals and Christmas Parties

Milllennium Boom time - GoHire to try to find more employees. The last great celebration, at Alexandra Palace. New buildings started. Article in Electronics Weekly
21st Century New buildings and car parks completed, never used by Nortel Photos and other graphics
Farewell Photos of the site on the final day, before and during the party

The site
The party

Afterwards Look what they've done to my site, Ma The site

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