The 1960s

The Flying Scotsman passes Building 4

Jerry says "It is definitely post 1966 because that was when Alan Peglar bought the second tender. I would guess this picture was taken around that time, when it was running enthusiasts trains on BR lines.

The other possibility is that it made a special run just after it was brought back from the States in 1974. I seem to remember it doing that, although I had left STC by then. I have a vague feeling that my dad bought the picture for me because I had left STC.

My guess is 1966-67."

David Bennett contacted the website on 17th December 2003 to add:
Reference the Photo of the Flying Scotsman. If it helps this train passed by New Southgate Station in 1969! I remember seeing this from 76 Station Road which overlooked the Station itself. The picture looks very much like the actual set up that passed by at that date.


Loadsa money !!

STC had a property called the Ranch House at Playa de Aro in Spain. Throughout the year, deserving STC employees and their spouses were flown out to Perpignan Airport in the Company plane, a Douglas DC3 Dakota, which was kitted out as a flying test bed for electronics as well as being fitted with some seats for passengers. This picture shows the STC Dakota at Stansted Airport prior to departure

From Perpignan, the party were taken by bus to the Ranch House for a weeks stay, returning when the next party came out.
Note the veranda has the old STC logo on the front of the building.

This picture shows the happy, suntanned, well lubricated party returning home. June 1967.

These photos and descriptions were emailed by Jerry Mortimore - Jerry is the son of Jack Mortimore and grandson of Ernie Mortimore who also worked at The Standard

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