The 1950s
Children's Christmas Parties

These pics show the family nature of STC. How many remember the Christmas parties in the canteen? These were taken about 1958-59.

There were two or three parties each year. You turned up with your name label pinned on your coat or whatever. You were sat down at long tables for your tea - lots of jellies and cream and cake, and you didn't get much of that in those days.

Jerry is slightly left of centre wearing the bow tie.

Then into the other hall for the entertainment, mostly amateurs from within STC. We remember the lassoo man,

but there was also a boomerang man who threw boomerangs of different shapes and sizes, making them go up into the roof or skim the heads of the audience. Doubt whether he would be allowed to do that today. Finally a pantomime.

Then back to the cloakroom where there would be a present hanging on the hook with your coat. The presents were really good.
Jerry can remember one year getting a Dan Dare space gun that fired a spinning space station across the room. Magic. Now they fetch ridiculous prices on Ebay. Jerry's sister got a huge box of paints one year.

These photos and descriptions were emailed by Jerry Mortimore - Jerry is the son of Jack Mortimore and grandson of Ernie Mortimore who also worked at The Standard

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