Contribution from Keith Waudby

These photos show installation of the MITER project which employed cutting edge installation technology of the day:

(MITER was an acronym for Modular Installation of Telecommunication Equipment Racks)

As I remember, those that were involved in this project included  Sailor Fred, Jim West, Michael Barton, Colin Bell-Jones, Dave Shepherdson, Peter Calland, Pete Morrow, as well as most of the QA department led by Jimmy Ireland.

Another photo shows Billy Dobson, Ray Pollard, Brian McKenna and myself relaxing after installation duties at Hull Civic, ca 1964

I have included a photo of a gathering of Sector One personnel at some regional event or other during the early part of the 1980's

We all remember Joe McElhone, Bill Harvey, Eric Gledhill, Brian Gray, Fred Webb, Dave Sutherland, Keith Waudby, George Wharam and Pete Kerrins not forgetting the ladies, which at the moment I have...

This collection was contributed by Keith Waudby in April 2005

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