1950's - 1980's
Brian Bramble and Sheila Brown

From Ian Bramble, March 2011

Hi Rob,

In your memories section among the photos sent by Alan Hedges (the 4th pic from the top - football team circa 1956) back row third from the left (tall with dark hair) is my father Brian Bramble.

He worked for STC in one guise or another right up until the late 90s. My mother Sheila Bramble (nee Brown) and mother in law (Betty Marshall) also worked there during the 50s and 60s as draughtsmen. I was very surprised to see Dad there and Mum will be choked to see the picture. I will ask her if she has any STC related photos or stories and forward them to you.

Regards, Ian Bramble

Hi Rob,

Hope some of this is of interest... Pictures 1 2 3 and 4 are of my Mum and her colleagues Christmas lunch 1955 being held in their assembly room dept no 3665 (reverse of picture has my mum's clocking on number 2630). Mum's name when she worked at The Standard was Sheila Brown (hair band, asleep in picture 3) she couldn't remember her colleagues' names.

Picture 1

Picture 2


Picture 4

Picture 5 shows apprentice football team she thinks circa 1954. My father Brian Bramble is standing 3rd from the left.

Picture 6 shows interdepartmental cricket team picture taken may 15th 1956. My father is front row second from the left.

Picture 7 shows another football team from the fifties. My father is back row second from the left.

Picture 8 shows yet another football team. (I think you may already have this one.)

Pictures 9 10 and 11 are of the same Christmas "Do" not sure if this is NSG or Burliegh House Enfield. But I know it's from the early sixties.

Picture 9 shows my father and another gentleman (fair hair eyes closed) singing what I hope are Christmas carols. The gentleman’s name is Peter Steele he was a close friend of my father's.

Picture 10

Picture 11

Pictures 12 and 13 are from the early 80s

Picture 12 three men I think all originated at NSG but definitely worked at Enfield. Left to right Brian Bramble, Reg Pettit, Roger Vesey. They were and are all close friends.

Picture 13 Background Brian bramble and Reg Pettit, foreground Roger Woods

My father's group of friends from STC still meet every Christmas time, however my father sadly passed away in 2004. I have heard many stories of STC NSG and Enfield and of the jokes and wind-ups that got played in between work. One that sticks in mind was when they were to be given security pass cards with their pictures on. In every picture the person being photographed (male or female) wore the same pair of glasses, borrowed from a colleague. The photographer never noticed. Nor did security for that matter.

I hope that these pictures bring memories back to some of your visitors. Sorry that I don't have many names for you. Mum's memory has faded with regard to the pictures, I'm sure my father could have put names to them all though, had he seen your site.

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