Memories of 1968-9 from Roderick Williams

Rod sent this in November 2015 for inclusion on the site:

Dear Rob,

Many years ago I worked for 10 months in the years 1968/1969 at STC NSG. I worked on the telephone exchange 'racks' under Rob Mortimer's guidance. I never did stick it long enough as I was an immigrant from Wales and by 1969 had met my wife to be back home in Wales on a weekend trip home and still with her by the way.

I lodged down in Southgate at Arnos Grove area, Brookdale, with a Miss Salmon. She was a great landlady and over fed me to be honest. Think it was either 26 or 28 Brookdale. I have no doubt she has probably passed on. I did actually after I was married to Carol go and visit Miss Salmon but we never kept in contact with her. I think she may have been a widow or even divorced, she had a son I think but never saw him. I was polite enough to never ask too many questions but she was a great lady.

Anyhow on leaving STC I was given a list of the lads and lassies I worked with and can't remember who but someone went around with the hat. After all these years I refound the list of people who gave some cash for a booze up. To which a few of them came.

The names on the list may ring a few bells with someone who sees them. Should in the unlikely event someone says I would like to contact Taffy you can give them my email address or better still publish it on line. (roddyredrock [at]

Another interesting thing sprang to mind, sometime before my employment there I was quizzed, 'did I have a brother Gerald (Williams)' Strangely I knew him he was from the Cusop near Hay-on-Wye like myself. Gerald I knew worked in London but never knew where until then but it was STC NSG.. I think he married into a very rich family and actually may be living back in the area. Small world.

All the Best, Roderick (Rod/Roddy) Williams

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