Memories from Fred Marsh

August 2012

My son-in-law recently passed me the obituary from the Times for Stan Cox.
Stan worked at New Southgate and ran for Great Britain in the 10,000 metres at the 1948 Olympics and in the Marathon at Helsinki in 1952

Incidentally Stan had to take a day off work unpaid to run at Wembley !!!

This photo is of Apprentices with R.G.Helbing the Works Manager taken on the bank between the Canteen area and the old Building 3 --- which stood where the multi-storey car park now stands ---

The occasion was the Tuesday after Whitsun Bank Holiday in 1950. The reason was that,at that time, all hourly-rated employees had an extra day off after a Bank Holiday, but Apprentices, being Staff still had to come to work, even though the dept you were working in was shut. So we had to endure a whole day of lectures and talks, including one from the Works Manger, who then invited us outside for the photograph. Looking at the picture now I can still put names to about 25% of the faces !!!

The other three items are fairly self explanatory, one of my depts, the Printed Circuit Shop, etched the wall plaque which was mounted on the wall in sunken Coffee Bar area of the Canteen, hence the thank-you letter.




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