Photo Memories from David Hutt

I am in the midst of putting my life story in print - I have been putting it off for years - and came across your site.

My father, William Edward (Bill)Hutt, was a precision toolmaker at STC until his death in 1954.  I do not know when he started there but I do know he was working at STC during the war years.

I was fascinated with the web site and particularly the story of the V1 attack in 1944 as Dad was one of those picking up the pieces.  The rescue was so bad he had a complete breakdown afterwards.  Stories of finding bodies with half the face blown off etc.

I have some photographs that may be of interest. One of the STC tug-of-war team c.1950 and another of the children\'s party in 1953.  Let me know if you would like me to send them.


David Hutt

25th March 2013

Dad is in the front. The only other person I knew was Ernie
Jarvis (second from the right).  Ernie lived next door but one and he and
Dad cycled to work together.


Dad taking the tug-of-war very seriously

Me assisting the magician at the children's party in on 4th July
1953.  Don't know who the other children are.  I was very lucky and used to
go to the children's party even after dad was killed.  Incidentally he was
killed in April 1954 - a road accident whilst on his way to see the new STC
site at Paignton to which he was to have been transferred.

I also have a number of photos of Dad in the Home Guard but I cannot
determine whether it is the HG associated with STC.  I have tried to compare
faces with those in the photo on your site but without success.  The unit my
Dad was in was D Company,  29th Middlesex Battalion Home Guard.

If you'd like to help contribute to this site with photos, stories, or memorabilia
please contact Rob White