at the final AGM on 23rd May 2002

In 1925 when New Southgate was Western Electric Company a small group of employees decided to form what is now the A & S C and it has existed for 77 years. The subscription in those early days was 1penny (old) per week but in 1928 it was increased to 2 pennies per week and was so until decimalisation.

The activities of the club were many and varied and catered for both male and female members.

1930 saw the depression years but still the club survived and in 1933 with the extension of the New Southgate site the club expanded its sporting activities still further , and by 1935 the club membership embraced 93% of the employees on site.

1939 saw the start of the 2nd World War but still the club soldiered on though in a slightly different way . The club co-operated in the war effort in every way possible.

The club still has a war loan that we are unable to redeem.

The pavilion, which was on the lower sports field , was handed over to the Home Guard and the members staged many a lunch time concert in the canteen.

In September 1943 the club was registered as the S.T.C. (New Southgate) Athletic and Social Club and at that time had a very large membership but was still restricted in its activities.

There was a long period of austerity after the war ended and it was not until early 1950 that the club began to function to its full potential. From then on Sections were formed and sections faded but always the club tried to provide what the members wanted.

In 1982 it was announced that the Pavilion on the lower sports field was to be closed and demolished and a new Pavilion would be built on the North Field.

1983 was the Centenary year of S.T.C. and the Athletic & Social Club was fully committed to the many activities and functions that were held . Some 4000 people attended the special Centenary Gala Day which was held at New Southgate.

1984 saw the development of the site and the new pavilion . There were many meetings with the developers and the company in order to ensure that the new facility would provide what the members wanted and with the addition of the sports hall and fixtures and fittings the cost to the club was around £100,000 plus a further £21,000 for the rifle range. On the 1st March 1985 the new Pavilion opened its doors to the members and it was agreed that it had all been worth the effort . So began a new era for the A.& S.C. but more was to come.

In 1991 we changed our name to Northern Telecom Sports & Social Club and in 1995 we became Nortel Sports & Social Club but whatever our name over the 77 years of our existence the club has been able to change the way it operates and the facilities it provides in order to support the requirements of the members.

I have deliberately not included names in this statement as there are far too many, but to all those people who have so generously given of their time and effort to support the A.& S.C. during the difficult times and the sunshine years I send them my and your thanks.

The club is going to close but rather than drift into closure let us all support the closure in a controlled and dignified manner. My personal thanks to you all for the support you have given me as your President and your finance chairman. I wish you all good fortune and I hope your next club is as successful as this one has been.

Fred says "I joined STC New Southgate in September 1940 and retired December 1985 although from 1942 to 1946 I was in the Royal Navy rolling about the Atlantic in a Destroyer and then running about the French beach on D Day. All good fun."

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