A bit about Rob White...

I started with STC in October 1972 as a Crossbar Commissioning Engineer and worked at various telephone exchanges north of the Thames in Greater London. When Crossbar was being superseded by TXE4 at the end of that decade, there was a likelihood of being posted much further afield, so in 1980 I started with installation planning in New Southgate.

In 1983 I started messing around with the office "SuperBrain" computers and taught myself how to code in Pascal and write little programs to do the impossible and combine reports and data from various mainframes, to improve the supply chain scheduling and perhaps allow the installation plans a greater chance of success.

In 1989 I moved house to East Barnet, just down the road from STCNSG. A win-win-win-win of walking to work, excellent schools for the children, lovely parks and countryside, and easy access to London by tube and train.

A variety of other roles, including inventory, logistics, time management, resource planning (including two unhappy postings to Harlow), then in 1996 I managed to get back to New Southgate again in charge of order management. In 1999 I moved into the OSP (orders scheduling and production) forecasting function.

When Nortel closed the New Southgate site in 2002 I was faced with the horrible pointless commute to the dreaded Harlow office and back every day, so I went homebased for a six month trial period. Many years later I still am homebased, and would not have it any other way!

In 2010 Ciena took over the remains of Nortel's optical business and I moved with it. I've been working in the long-term forecasting / financial analysis role ever since. I have the longest service history in Ciena, from 1972 through to today.